learning while singing julio, 20 2017
What a surprise we had , while listening to the music with our 2 year old , she started to sing to the music.
Real words, my husband and I were amazed.
christmas gifts octubre, 21 2014
Started to buy christmas gifts for the children of our book club.
I purchased 25 cards and was not sure of my purchase, but bought on a whim.
I went home and downloaded one card . After listening to the music, I think I maid a
great purchase, my husband would say, "I hit a grand slam".
Lonnie, Iowa
Value agosto, 10 2014
Just bought a childrensmusicshop gift card.
What great value, I paid 20 cents a song, I Tunes would have 
been aleast 5 times more expendsive.
Maria,  Calgary
Great idea for a birthday party loot bag.
I had 12 children over for my daugthers birthday party.
I prepared loot bags for the kids when they left.
I received phone calls from most of the parents acknowledgeing the value of
the childrensmusicshop gift card that I put in the loot bag.
It was a wonderful birthday party for all.
Mom of  Meg (the birthday girl)
Learning a new language julio, 2 2014
Great tool for learning English
We moved from Hong Kong and few months age and our two children have been listening to the songs and stories. They have adapted to many of the words and understand so much more since listening to these  songs.
Sue , Vancouver, BC
Great Value mayo, 24 2014
I saw the music card in a rack in one of the major retailors. The value seemed quite exceptional 50 songs
for $10 (0.20 per song). I was very surprised of the quality of the songs and stories that I downloaded
in a very short time.
Great Value
Franie. Hamilton On.
Great stories to go to school abril, 10 2014
Today was a special day, I was taking my kids to school . When we got to the school I meet a friend in the parking lot and her car was full of children listening to a story. I asked what was happening and she told me that she bought a gift card  of kids music and stories. The stories were so interesting that her kids love them so much that they can not wait to go to school.

Marg  (Sarnia On)
Christmas gathering enero, 1 2014
Christmas gathering

The Christmas songs made our holidays
Our family Christmas gathering was a real hit this year,
after buying the Christmas package  Not only did the Kids
have fun , the rest of us got into the music as well.

Margie; London Ont
Entertaining diciembre, 19 2013

This product has been a great tool for entertainment and educational purposes. With a great variety of music choices in three languages, this site is a great resource for parents wanting to find childrens music 

Janette Small, Child Care Provider.  (New York City )

AMAZING !!!!!!!! noviembre, 27 2013

This website has an amazing variety of music in English, French and

Spanish, my kids seem to enjoy the activities and the huge library of



They have even started to picked up on some phrases in other

languages. This site allows kids to learn and have fun at the same



AMAZING !!!!!!!!!


Mother of Three

New Jersey

Learning tools for kids in three languages octubre, 3 2013
Great toolsExtreamly enjoyable site lots of songs and learning tools for kids in  three languages, i  would reccommend this site to anyone who has little children 


Ellen Bello, Stay at Home Mother of 3. (Boston, Mass  )

Great tool septiembre, 22 2013

My kids have enjoyed exploring this web page and listening to all of the songs great tool for learning and engaging your child while having fun at the same time 


Robin Kenton, Stay at home mom    (Chicago )

Relax with lullaby songs marzo, 7 2013

Relax with lullaby songs

I have seen a drastic change in my child's sleeping habits and overall behavior before theses lullabies bedtime was a nightmare now we flip on the music and within minutes my daughter is fast asleep 

(Claire Mattis Pittsburgh. P.A)

Incentive to the kids enero, 28 2013

Incentive to the kids

These songs and activities have become a central part of learning in our home,additionally we use theses activities as a method to encouraging better behavior similar to a rewards system when one of our kids does  something positive we reinforce their behavior with a song or activity of their choice.  

(Joanne Raitter New York)

Educational enero, 15 2013


  I have witnessed that through music my child has been able to learn many lessons which has extended  in there other activities 

(Betty Ray Mother of One Chicago)


Good selection of French songs diciembre, 17 2012

Good Selection of French Songs

Though I am not French speaking, this children's site has a huge

selection of French music & stories. I know my two young kids will get

a start on learning the language.

Peggy Austinburg

Kelowna, B.C.

Easy to download diciembre, 2 2012

Easy to Download

Being NOT an expert on technology, I was a little apprehensive

on buying the card. After taking a couple of deep breaths , I followed

the instructions and I did it.

Thanks for making me fell like a techi.


St. Thomas, Ont

Great selection noviembre, 11 2012

Large Music Selection

I was so very impressed by the quantity of songs and the stories

available that I purchased an additional card.

Tom Barnabe

Halifax, N.S.

Great Music noviembre, 6 2012

Great Quality of Music

Having listened to many of the songs on the free Browse part of the site.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music.

 M. Weginoffski